OxyCare Kit

A pro-active treatment regimen for patients with respiratory Ailments

Concerning the recent directives from WHO and UNICEF regarding COVID-19, Oxyin presents personalized and easy to use Oxygen Therapy Kits for the infected patients as an immunity booster solution to help them recover faster against coronavirus.

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Instant recovery from fatigue and low-oxygen level


Outstanding Features

Portable Solution

Handy and simple solution to take care of your whole family. Build resistance to respiratory ailments by reinforcing your immune response

Easy DIY Usage

Individuals can easily take oxygen therapy sessions themselves without requiring any assistance of healthcare personnel


An affordable yet effective solution specifically designed for ease of use as it does not require electricity for operation and can be refilled in less than 10 seconds.


With OxyCare Kit anyone can boost their immunity while staying at the comfort of their homes without any hassle.


Product Overview

Bringing conventional oxygen to the comfort of your homes

COVID19 prone patients often suffer Hypoxia, a condition wherein oxygen levels in the body plummet to alarming levels. Oxyin's affordable ‘COVID CAN’ comes in handy in this situation and will help patients get a constant supply of O2 without the need for huge cylinders and equipment.

The ‘COVID CAN’ is designed to store 60 litres of pure oxygen and deliver it at FiO2 0.24-0.38 for continuous oxygen therapy for a maximum of 50 minutes. The storage equipment is handy, portable, safe to use and comes with ISO certification.

The OxyCare Kit is a compact, personalized solution, especially designed for.
  • Hospitals and Quarantine centres
  • Home-Quarantined or Self-Isolated Families
  • Individuals with respiratory illnesses such as COPD, Asthma, or ILD
  • Healthy individuals for mindfulness

How does it work?

The OxyCare Kit is easy to use for personalized treatment and can be refilled up to 10,000 times.

The Benefits

Feel relief from shortness of breath, fatigue, dizziness and depression

Providing supplemental oxygen therapy to the concerned person improves physical as well as mental health of the individual and improves your quality of life


Oxygen therapy has lasting therapeutic effects such as improving mood & sleep, it is also associated with the prevention of heart failure in people with severe lung diseases.


Improves shortness of breath in people with COVID-19, asthma and COPD by increasing the blood oxygen saturation and helps the lungs meet your body's oxygen needs more adequately.


Oxygen therapy helps increase an individual’s performance and aids in swift recovery after a workout and facilitates brain activity by enhancing decision-making abilities.


Study shows patients with severe hypoxemia who used long-term oxygen therapy had 20% higher survival rates than patients who did not use oxygen.

Cognitive Alertness

Improves mental alertness and can reverse the symptoms of mild cognitive impairment by improving blood flow to the brain.


Improves your exercise endurance by improving muscle metabolism and efficiency, which allows your muscles to work harder without getting fatigued.

Why Choose us

We are providing best and high quality products.

  • High Quality

    A superior quality, medically evaluated product as per the authorized testing standards.

  • Aesthetic design

    The product is ergonomically designed for the best comfort of the patients.

  • Latest technology

    Our Technology is proven effective by experienced doctors and perfected by engineers from IIT Kanpur.



Mission-oriented people driven to provide an enhanced breathing ecosystem across the globe.

For the past 2 years, Oxyin has been creating innovative solutions for the domestication of oxygen to combat health hazards of air pollution but in the pandemic impact of COVID-19, we resorted to creating innovative oxygen delivery instruments for reinforcing the treatment of infected patients. We intend to preempt the delivery of oxygen to vulnerable patients to create immunity against COVID and similar contagions that includes SARS-COV-2 among others.

We at Oxyin created an enhanced breathing mechanism with engineering, passion and precision to improve the quality of life. We anticipate consumer demands and challenge ourselves to improve people’s lives by achieving sustainable healthcare performance.

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OxyCare Kit

OxyCare Kit


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